MARTIN QESKU     Sound recordist/Tech Supervisor

I am a Sound Recordist / Technical Supervisor with many years of experience in the British broadcast industry.

I’ve worked in the UK on programmes such as The F Word, The Great British Menu, Time Team and Bang Goes The Theory, and also recorded sound abroad for long periods on projects like Around the World in 80 Faiths for the BBC, Bangla Bangers, Leepu & Pitbull and Gold Rush series 1-10 for Raw TV / Discovery Channel.

On the last six series of Gold Rush, I have worked as Technical Supervisor, setting up and managing main camera filming, sound, minicams, radio communications, satellite internet, and DIT.

Additionally, I’ve recorded and designed sound on several art installations.

Click on my CV for a more complete list of my work.


  1. -Microphones for every recording situation - mono, stereo or surround

  2. -Multiple radio mic systems for both domestic and foreign use

  3. -Various multi-channel audio recorders and mixers

  4. -Timecode equipment for precise syncing of picture and sound

  5. -Separate sound recording with wireless send of programme audio to camera

  6. -Walkie talkies / radio communications


  1. -Setup and management of fixed and mobile radio communications (VHF/UHF) systems

  2. -Setup and management of satellite internet and long range internet systems

  3. -Using minicams (GOPRO, Toshiba, Panasonic, Sony) in various situations - inside/outside cars, motorcycles, heavy machinery, helicopters, light aircraft

  4. -Management of DIT workflow, systems, and personnel

+44 (0) 7941 643 652


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